One of the most useful applications demonstrating the effective use of GPS mobile tracking is users with Cool Rooms on Trailers or stand-alone. Some customers own their own units or rent from a provider. In both cases it is critical that the goods within the coolrooms are not exposed to ou of band temperatures for extended periods as this may affect the lifespan and quality of the goods within the cool room, or damage the perishable goods all together.

The cool room (or "fridge"/"freezer") needs to be remotely monitored for temperature fluctuations, and temp. alarms high/low, of course it's GPS position. 



Utilising one of the LYNX G60 (needs to be connected to 12/24VDC) or LYNX Flexi 1 (more flexibility - battery powered) GPS trackers products.

Connected to LYNX Tracking Telematics GURU platform for GPS tracking, and setting of an online Alerts (email or SMS) in case of cool room controller creating an alarm.