Electric Bikes (eBikes) are have moved out of early adopters to mass market appeal now. Battery technology has improved and electric motors for the bicycles have advanced so much that now it's viable to use ebikes for commute or pleasure.

ecoTekk have embarked on a project to track and measure the carbon footprint (or savings rather) of the ebikes in use in the ever popular holiday destination of Noosa. This project services as a shining example for the Zero Emmissions Noosa (ZEN) initiative. ecoTekk have established rental outlets at many of the popular Noosa hotels for tourists to hire and use.

The eBikes are kitted with a LYNX G60 GPS Tracker and are reporting usage and positiong inormation to the Cloud based telematics platform. The owner of the ebikes (ecoTekk) and the outlets (Hotels) have logins to the web based telematics platform for usage information and use of geo-fencing and other reporting features.